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727 West Hargett Street, Lane Building Suites 205/207

"Cary was a pleasure to work with and provided a calm and objective view during a tumultuous time. I felt she was able to get straight to the heart of the matter and help my wife and I reach a fair and doable agreement that allowed us to avoid an emotionally and financially costly court battle. My wife and I were able to part on good and friendly terms with minimal stress on our children, something that would not have been possible without Cary's help."
~Nathan S.

Don't make this journey alone.

Cary Close is a Raleigh native, mother of three, and veteran family lawyer with two decades of experience helping divorcing spouses navigate the often frightening and confusing journey that begins with marital separation. Cary is also a certified Family Financial Mediator who is frequently asked by other family lawyers to help resolve their clients’ cases out of court. Clients who work with Cary receive high quality legal representation and a straightforward, practical approach that is always geared toward minimizing the cost as well as the negative impact on the children. When settlement out of court is not an option, Cary will litigate your case to protect your rights, your children, and your financial stability.